ExtremeCloud™ IQ 

A unique network management system that allows you to manage wired, wireless and distributed networks


ExtremeCloud™ IQ for end-to-end network management

ExtremeCloud™ IQ

Cloud version

ExtremeCloud™ IQ – Site Engine

On-Premise version


ExtremeCloud™ IQ is designed to optimize every aspect of your network from deployment to maintenance, and is designed to help IT professionals and businesses focus on what really matters to them, instead of dealing with routine and time-consuming operational tasks.

Key benefits of ExtremeCloud™ IQ

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    Client, Device, & Network 360 

    Get the complete performance, health, and security picture of every user and device in, around, and part of your network 

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    Unified Policy Management

    Granular template-based wired and wireless policy management for thousands of devices and sites 

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    Network Health KPIs 

    Machine learning derived data insights help IT easily identify and monitor network operational state at a glance 


ExtremeCloud IQ technical specification

Integrated Applications for Essential Network Operations

ExtremeCloud IQ Essentials provides four key applications. WIPS, Location services, IoT, and Guest management, enabling organizations to take advantage of an all-in-one platform for wired and wireless management, business insights, location tracking, wireless security, seamless IoT onboarding and guest access, and guest access through a single user interface simplifying network management while infusing network and business insights.

  • Extreme AirDefense Essentials

    Extreme AirDefense simplifies the protection, monitoring and security of your Wireless LAN networks. Extreme AirDefense continuously safeguards the network from external threats 24x7x365 and provides additional visibility into the air space, and includes a dedicated dashboard to provide visibility across all locations from a wireless security perspective. 

  • ExtremeGuest Essentials

    ExtremeGuest is a robust and comprehensive guest engagement solution that enables IT administrators to use analytical insights to engage visitors with personalized engagements. For retail it is about knowing how many customers enter the store and how long they stay, for education, what students are on campus and in class, and for public venues having the ability to customize splash pages to better engage with visitors. 

  • ExtremeLocation Essentials

    ExtremeLocation Essentials supports Wi-Fi and BLE technologies, and enterprises can monitor workflows and assets, the current activity or historically, to improve their overall operations and efficiency. ExtremeLocation provides zone-based location accuracy resolution to support diverse industry-specific use cases. 

  • ExtremeIOT Essentials

    ExtremeIOT is a simple IoT security solution that is designed to protect high risk, wired IoT devices. Through the application of security profiles, it controls IoT device attachment and access to the network, and locks down IoT communications to only what’s authorized, blocking everything else. 


Flexible effortless network management

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Choose complex solution ExtremeCloud IQ according to your needs

Extreme Networks offer the most flexible, feature-rich, application tiers tailored to every business, budget, and IT needs, that delivers the management, intelligence and assurance your business requires.

Legacy Networking VS 

  ExtremeCloud™ IQ

Legacy Networking 

Disparate wired and wirelessHuman-only managementMultiple management interfacesManually configured users and devices

ExtremeCloud™ IQ

Flexible: Optimized for skills, scale, and business objectivesAgile: Continuous innovation and frictionless deliverySecure: Proven in the most risk-sensitive environmentsTechnology: Access to the world’s best of breed technologies

ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine (On-Premise)

ExtremeCloud IQ - Site Engine extends the cloud management benefits of ExtremeCloud IQ and provides on-premises network monitoring and a cloud migration path for third-party and non-cloud devices with flexible deployment models.

ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine Delivers:

Centralized management providing complete visibility via a single screen of your cloud native, non-cloud native and third-party networking devices.
 A single vendor, fully integrated software-based solution that encompasses network management, network access control, and network analytics that delivers end-to-end network visibility, orchestration, and management.
Flexible management and deployment models, i.e.,
○ Public* + Local (internet connected mode) to manage the network in the public cloud, as well as the ability to provide flexible deployment models to address an organization’s specific non-cloud native and multivendor devices.*Public Cloud providers include AWS, GCP, and Azure.
○ Local (non-internet connected “air gapped” mode) for adherence to specific industry and regional requirements.

Workflow and event management tools to simplify the automation of network tasks and deliver cost savings by alleviating IT personnel involvement in manual time-consuming processes.


ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine technical specification

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